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Modern research laboratories centrally located in Shanghai

  • >40,000 sq ft of lab and office space
  • 35 synthetic labs equipped with 178 ventilated hoods (35 walk-in hoods)
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • US facility in Bedford Massachusetts for storage and shipment. Rapid transfer
    of materials between PepTech and our customers in the US
  • Strong procurement team working as an integral part of the chemistry group
    Competitive quotes generated extremely rapidly

Continuous investment enables rapid delivery of quality chemistry
At PepTech we recognize that access to a broad range of analytical instrumentation with fast turn around times is critical to successful drug discovery.

  • Low user to instrument ratios supported by a strong analytical team
  • NMR - Bruker Avance 300 and 400 MHz with SampleXpress autosampler
  • Chromatography – HPLC, UPLC, GC and SFC systems with range of UV, MS, ELSD and refractive Index detectors. Including preparative and chiral HPLC.
  • Manual/automated microwave synthesizers (Biotage and CEM)
  • Automated multiple peptide synthesiser
  • Broad suite of analytical instruments (FT-IR, polarimeters etc.)
  • Secure IT infrastructure
  • on-line access to scientific literature allowing the teams to rapidly convert ideas into successful experiments and solutions.
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