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Case Studies

Custom synthesis

A major pharma customer needed a set of heterocyclic compounds that required photochemical syntheses. One CRO worked on these compounds but failed to deliver after four months. Faced with a tight timeline, the customer decided to transfer the project to PepTech. We were able to complete the syntheses of all the compounds within four weeks.

Custom synthesis

A big pharma customer requested 500g of a compound with multiple chiral centers. The chiral purity must be at least 99.5%. The synthesis of the compound involved 11 steps and could only be scaled up to 80g by this customer’s internal chemists. PepTech developed a process to make 500g of this compound with 99.8% of chiral purity and delivered this compound on time.

FTE based process research

A customer required a novel process for the commercial scale production of an important intermediate. PepTech was able to develop a patentable process for the customer within six months. The customer owned all the intellectual properties and could file patent applications on the process we developed. By using PepTech’s FTE approach, the customer effectively eliminated the need of hiring many scientists, saving significant time and money.

New process development

A biotech customer approached PepTech for 1 kg of a key chiral intermediate after their original supplier failed to develop a process to synthesize this compound. We were able to develop a novel enzyme-based method to make this compound with >99.5% chiral purity and deliver this compound on time.

Manufacture of intermediates

One large pharma customer ordered 80kg of an important intermediate. Column chromatography purification was required in the original protocol. PepTech was able to develop a new process in which no chromatography was needed. The product was delivered on time with >98.5% purity.

FTE-based process research

A customer had a product in clinical trials, such a product requiring costly fermentation for production. On an FTE basis, PepTech successfully developed a novel synthetic chemistry route that effectively cut the customer’s manufacturing spending dramatically. The client owns all IPs and has filed patent applications on the new process

FTE-based medicinal chemistry

A start-up biotech company employed PepTech to optimize a lead discovered from in-house screening. Within 6 months, PepTech synthesized multiple series of compounds for thorough SAR studies, culminating in the discovery of a new lead with significantly enhanced activity and bioavailability. The new compound is now entering detailed animal studies.

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